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The winds howl in the northern reaches of the world. The Kingdom of Nentsun has been cut off from the rest of the world, partially due to its cold climate, but also due to its preference for isolation. The people of Nentsun care little for the problems of the rest of the world, and prefer to focus on their own lives. Nestled in the northmost part of the eastern continent, Nentsun’s only border is with Thonia. Relations between the two have been peaceful since the end of the Dusk War. This is partly due to the rise of the Wizard’s Council in Thonia, but also due to a deteriorating political structure in Nentsun. Unable to organize at the Kingdom level, most parts of Nentsun are loyal only as far as the local Lord or Monastery.

It is currently the 1224th year of the Age of Might, and danger lurks around every corner in Nentsun. This is where your adventure begins…

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