History of Nentsun

Little is known of the history of Nentsun before it was conquered by the Ice Kingdom early in the Age of Might. It was conquered as part of a great expansion that started in the Hylar Empire and extended all the way across the North Sea to Nentsun. Nentsun had little order to it at the time and it was easy to conquer but difficult to control. Eventually, due to the distance of the Great Northern Empire, it collapsed and each region was left to rule itself. This happened in the 493rd year of the Age of Might.

The years that Nentsun spent under the rule of the Great Northern Empire showed it how a larger Kingdom could be ran, and for several generations, local Lords in Nentsun tried to assert themselves to be the King. The region fought amongst itself for nearly 100 years, until a local hero named Ne-Gok-Sa gained enough support to claim the throne. He brought Nentsun under control and peace extended across the realm.

When the plague struck the rest of the world at the end of the 6th century, Nentsun was not nearly as affected as other realms. Maybe it was due to their colder climate, maybe it was due to their isolation. Whatever the cause, the sickness was kept at bay. During these years, soldiers from Nentsun patrolled their borders, keeping out those who may be fleeing the diseased lands to the south. This earned them much scorn from other nations, but kept the disease from spreading into their land.

During the early 7th century when the Demon Wars were going on in Alphatia, Nentsun remained mostly unaffected. This was when their stance of isolation grew nearly to the point of paranoia.

For several centuries, Nentsun was seen as a harsh land with unwelcoming people. Outsiders were actively turned away from their borders, and their ports were not safe for foreign ships. The land was as closed off as it could be, just maintaining enough trade to sustain its people.

Their isolation only worked for so long. In the early 10th century, a remote group of monasteries from the eastern portion of Nentsun organized. They built a capital city called La-Sai, and used magic to transport their armies to the western and northern reaches of the Kingdom, assassinating local Lords and putting their own rulers in place. In a matter of 2 years, the entire Kingdom of Nentsun was overtaken by the monks of La-Sai, who were led by a dark Warlock named Quonshu the Duskwalker. Quonshu’s rule seemed absolute, as any who opposed him were quickly assassinated. His shadow monks were spread all across the Kingdom and were quick to kill any who opposed him.

Quonshu lived a very long life. His true origin is unknown. Perhaps he was an elf, perhaps his patron granted him longevity, but he ruled until the 1082nd year of the Age of Might. During this time, he attempted to stretch his domain to the south. Once he began to invade Thonia, the Dusk War broke out, and it didn’t last long. The Wizard’s Council in Thonia had grown strong and their counterstrike was swift and brutal. The entire city and monasteries of La-Sai were destroyed, leaving the entire region in ruin, which has not been inhabited again to this day. It is said that dark spirits still roam there, seeking revenge for their swift defeat.

After Quonshu’s defeat, Nentsun was once again in a position where there was a lack of a central power. Some of Quonshu’s shadow monks retained their hold on their lands, others were cast out. The entire Kingdom became an area of loosely connected cities. For the next 50 years there was an attempt to organize, in order to help ensure the survival of its people. Thonia had no intent of invading Nentsun, but if they didn’t do something, the next warlord with conquest on his mind would do the same thing that Quonshu did.

In the 1147th year of the Age of Might, the cities all agreed to make Lord Qisu Li the King of Nentsun. There was a crowning ceremony, and the capital city of Nanking from Ne-Gok-Sa’s days as King was once again the capital of the Kingdom. King Li was King mostly in name, however. Most of the cities continued to do what they pleased, and paid homage enough to show that they were cooperating. King Li was not assertive enough to capture the respect of all the people, and to this day the King of Nentsun is not much more than a figurehead.

King Li’s most notable accomplishment was establishing four temples in some of the harshest environments in Nentsun. These temples would train their monks to be the greatest warriors that Nentsun has ever seen, and should the need arise for the Kingdom to be defended, these monks would protect the realm. However, due to the remote nature of these Temples, they are almost totally cut off from the rest of the Kingdom, and the current King has nearly no idea of what is going on there.

This brings us to the 1224th year of the Age of Might. King Li III has taken the throne and is in the early years of his rule.

History of Nentsun

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