Character Creation

When you build your character, here are the rules to use for generation. There are a few places where I deviate from the standard rules, usually in the player’s favor.

1. Pick your character class and race. Think about how well they combo together, which races give bonuses for abilities that matter for your class, or possibly trying a combination that seems fun. The only restriction is that gnomes are extinct in this world.

2. Roll your ability scores. Use the method from PHB 13. You can use the standard array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8). Or you can customize using the ability point cost at the bottom of the page. If you do that, you have 27 points to spend.

3. After you have ability scores assigned, apply all the benefits of your race, including the bonus to some of your ability scores. In many cases you will need to pick a subrace. If you choose a human, you may use the Human Variant from PHB 31.

4. Next, pick your background. Use method 4A or 4B.

4A. If you’re taking a background from the book, you can take the skill/language/tool proficiencies but not the equipment or the feature. When we discuss your background, I’ll work your feature into the game.

4B. For those of you who want a little extra in the way of background, you can write your own background. This only needs to be a page or two, and give a little description of who you are and how you came to be at the starting location for the campaign. If you do this, you may pick any 2 skills, 1 tool, and one additional skill/tool/language proficiency. You’ll notice that this gives you a little extra bonus. A small reward for the little extra work that you put into your character. Also, those who write backgrounds tend to get a little extra story thrown their way once we start playing.

5. Apply your class abilities. I like to have you do your background first, because you get certain skills based on your background. When you apply your class abilities, you usually get to choose certain skills, so this lets you choose skills that you haven’t already taken. Do not take any starting equipment for your character from the class, you’ll get that later.

At first level you’ll get maximum hit points. At future levels you may choose to take the standard increment listed in your class section, or you may roll twice and take the higher of the two.

6. Buy equipment! You may start the game with 180 gold pieces to buy equipment. Make sure to buy some healing kits. If you think you might want some rope, buy some rope. This is a little extra gold than you usually start with, so make sure you’re well equipped.

Character Creation

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