Shandian Stormblood

Storm Sorcerer


Shandian is a storm sorcerer from the town of Tet.


Shandian ran his fingers through his curly hair trying to move them out of the way, but to no avail. His hair seemed to be as unruly as he was. God, did he hate studying. Since he was one of the few spellcasters in Tet, he had an obligation to his people and his family to play the part that they have entrusted him with. As usual he was bored and dying to go on any adventure with his brothers…or anyone…

Shandian was born into the Stormblood family. A prominent family within the Tet settlement. His mother is Kiku, and his father is Lin. Lin used to be the Sheriff of Tet and then moved up to become an advisor to the Lord of Tet . His older brother, Zhoushen, is following in our father’s footsteps and is a ranger. He often is on patrols within Frostbite Forest. He also has a younger brother, who he is very fond of. He just happens to be a half-orc.

Shandian was born in into this world during a very large thunder storm, it was one of the biggest storms that anyone can remember. His teacher often says that when he was born he took some of the storm with him and that is how he became gifted with his good looks and chaotic personality.

Shandian has noticed that his family, the Stormblood’s, is not a very normal family. He has noticed that his mother and father’s relationship was very chaotic. Maybe it is better to say that it was very passionate, or so he thought, they fought and loved in extremes. Much like the storm that he was born into. His older brother could be said to be perfect, what more needs to be said, and his younger brother was a half orc. Shandian got into a lot of fights defending his younger brother from the town’s bullies since he wasn’t human.

When he entered into adolescence, he got into a very big confrontation with several bigger kids over his younger brother when he accidentally shocked the kids when he punched them. Almost killing them because the discharge was so violent. It was soon discovered that Shandian was a “storm born” sorcerer and his days become a living nightmare afterwards.

Since he was a spellcaster the elders of Tet decided to spend some of their resources bringing him up because Tet didn’t have very many of them. A regimen of learning was created for him where he was taught the arts of magic and medicine. However, his elder brother took pity on him and would take him out to the Frostbite Forest to teach him survival and to break up his boredom. Shandian discovered that his “Stormborn” heritage allowed him to speak the language of the elements and gave him a force of personality that allowed him to speak eloquently. He made sure to practice his words because that would allow him to talk his way out of trouble most of the time. Upon learning that he was a sorcerer, Kiku went back to the site of his birth and brought back a large, charged piece of wood that was struck by the lightning. His father turned this charred hunk of wood into a finely crafted quarterstaff and focus for his spellcasting. It is currently his most prized possession.

Shandian spends most of his time in books and in utter boredom. He has learned that his brother, Zhoushen, was given an important task and has decided that it was time that he put his talents to the betterment of the people of Tet, and help him.

Of course it has nothing to do with his hatred of books….

Shandian Stormblood

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