Natsu Stormblood

Half-Orc Barbarian from Tet


Natsu is the half-orc child of Kiku Stormblood. His half-brothers are Zhoushen Stormblood and Shandian Stormblood. He grew up in Tet, and has come of age recently.


Natsu has been an outsider for all of his life. Feeling alone even within his own family, is nothing new. His mother Kiku’s love is unwavering and his brother Shandian is his partner defending the family name from a shame that Natsu is both the evidence of and the punishment for. But a mother’s love and a brother’s companionship is thin comfort for the shame in his father’s eyes and his older brother’s barely contained animosity. Maybe that is what pushes him even harder, to be even better than they expect of him, to be the family defender, even though he never feels completely at home. They are all he has and he would do anything for them.

Growing up, he weathered all of the taunts and beatings, until finally his rage boiled over. The kids who picked on him learned not to push him to that point. When it occured, he could barely control it. Only the lessons from Zhoushen kept him from killing the first kid to push him there. After that, he learned to get away when he felt it coming on. He would follow the ranger paths into the forest and listen to the spirits there to calm the raging in his soul.

Now people in the village of Tet are going missing and he has to decide if he wants to add them to the tribe of those he protects, even with all the pain he has suffered at their hands. It wouldn’t be anything new, but maybe it will help prove himself to his brother, Zhoushen, who is always asking if he will do the right thing.

Natsu Stormblood

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